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From the Home page you directly access the registration form by clicking on the Login section. You must fill out all the fields that appear in it except the telephone number, which is optional. Once you fill out the form, the administrators will approve your free membership request and will send you a notification to your email.


From the my Profile tab, you can access your data and upload a profile photo. This is perhaps the most important action on all dating sites, because it allows others to know who you really are. YOU MUST MAKE YOUR PROFILE PUBLIC. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making an interaction with any member, that is, in the form of following or starting the Chat.

Wix Spaces:

At the same time that your free membership request is approved, you will receive a notification to sign up for the Spaces Wix app using an invitation code. This makes it impossible for another person to impersonate you, since the app has to have the same profile name and password that you used in the website registration form. If you did not upload your profile photo on the web, now you will have the opportunity to do so, as well as make your profile public.


On the home page you can have access to all members. You can follow them to try to get a match, you can send them messages to communicate with them and start a conversation. Free messages are limited if you do not subscribe to a pricing plan. If you only want to talk via chat, the cheapest thing is to pay for a Boost that will allow you to use the chat for a week. If you want to access Live Chat you need to book a Session, purchase a Webcam ticket, or subscribe to a longer-term pricing plan that is compatible with the person you want to interact with live. In such a way that, VIP can only see and hear VIP, Platinum can only see and hear Platinum.


If you choose a long-term pricing plan, you will be able to join the group of members who have that pricing plan. This way, only you will share the information you want and will have access to the Forum.


Depending on your behavior in this community, you will receive badges that will make your profile more attractive. The pricing plan badges indicate that you have a subscription, the verified member badge indicates that your profile has been verified by the administrators by uploading a video with an identification code.


Many members of the page have pre-established times at which a video call can be started via ZOOM. There are two ways to do it: One way is to buy an Event ticket, pressing the EVENT button; and the other is to book a session in the Reserve option. Many of the sessions are associated with pricing plans, so you won't have to pay for them individually if you have a subscription.


Earn points that you can later convert into rewards every time you use our services or for the simple fact of having filled out our registration form. This allows us to reward our most loyal customers with discounts on Sessions and Events, as well as pricing plans.

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