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already seen me and I was on top of all of my blankets. I didn’t think he would just help himself in. I start to remove myself from my big dildo just hanging off my head board as I start profusely apologizing. That’s when I finally have the nerve to look back up and meet his eyes.

Only to be completely shocked that he is at my bedside with his already hard cock sticking inches from my face.

Looking up at him I go to ask him what he thinks he is doing, just to have him place his hand on the back of my head and shoves his cock against my lips. Closer my mouth against him I start trying to move away from him. Just to have him grab my jaw and move my head up so I had to meet his gaze. Looking down at me he says, Now you wouldn’t want me telling my wife you pushed yourself on me would you? When he saw my eyes go wide he simply smiled at me. Keeping eye contact with me he said, I didn’t think so, now do as I say and want and this little secret can stay right between us.

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