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My ass facing him up in the air with my chest against the bed. I start to protest and think against it, I really do need a place to live. So, I spread my thighs apart more, giving him all of me. I shoved my head into my bed and waited for whatever he was gonna do. What I was not expecting was to feel my dildo being pushed against my asshole right before he shoved his cock deep into my pussy. As soon as I felt him go as deep as he could and stop he started shoving the dildo up my ass. Not stopping to let me get comfortable or adjust. 

I moved around a little and that just seemed to make him madder. Feeling him press his foot against my back and shove me down deeper into the bed, making me completely unable to move. He fucked me senseless, driving in me over and over until I was screaming in my bed set. I just wanted this to be over, he wasn’t very big but he was thick and with how hard he was fucking me it really was painful. This man called me every bad name in the book and even when I did what he wanted I still got slapped. There was no pleasing this man but I realized he didn’t want to be pleased, he just wanted to release his anger. 

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Already seen me and I was on top of all of my blankets. I didn’t think he would just help himself in.

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